Thursday, October 27, 2005

Of Condi & Crescents

Michelle Malkin has worked herself into a froth over some apparent photoshopping of a Condi Rice picture, and Crooks and Liars asks if anyone sees a red crescent anywhere in the same photo.

I do. Anyone can see that Condi's lips have been cleverly photoshopped by the Commie press to resemble two red Islamic crescents, two luscious red crescents . . .
Oh Condi Condi beggin’ on my knees
Open up your heart and let me in wontcha please
Got no money but everybody knows
I love you Condi and I’ll never let you go
Sweet and dandy pretty as can be
You be the flower and I’ll be the bumble bee
Oh she loves me oops she loves me not
People say you’re cold but I think you’re hot

Oh, Condi, Condi
Oh, Condi, Condi

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