Friday, October 28, 2005

Impeccable, Inpenetrable Logic

I have a lot of faith in the corporate world because it's always going to be there, so you may as well have faith in it.

- Luke McCabe of Chris and Luke, two college kids who offered themselves for sponsorship, as featured in the compelling and disturbing documentary, The Corporation.
Also discussed in the documentary: Did you know that in 1980, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations have the ability to patent life forms--all forms of life except a full-birth human being? Companies are patenting genes as they discover them: the breast cancer gene, the cystic fibrosis gene, whatever.
If this goes unchallenged within the world community, within less than ten years, a handful of global companies will own directly or through license the actual genes that make up the evolution of our species.

- Jeremy Rifkin, President, Foundation on Economic Trends
Shades of Gattaca, eh?

And did you know that water was privatized in Bolivia, so that Bechtel actually owned the rainwater. Yes, it was illegal to collect rainwater. People rioted. A 17-year-old kid was killed. To protect the interests of the company and its property.

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