Tuesday, October 18, 2005


ABC's new Commander in Chief is good, cheesey fun. You've got a female President portrayed by the lovely, the statuesque actor cum archer Geena Davis. (Not, we're told, not modeled on Hilary.) And you've got the ever watchable and gleefully sinister Donald Sutherland in the role of Karl Rove Republican Speaker of the House, Nathan Templeton. In tonight's episode, she chastens the Russian president and he drops his head like a shamed schoolboy. In the first episode, the President pressured the military into rescuing a young African girl from certain execution in Nigeria for having a child out of wedlock. (That's based on a true happening--minus the rescue by American forces. That woman was freed by a Nigerian court because of a technicality.) A strong, intelligent, President with integrity? Ah, well, we can dream, can't we.

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