Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Notes from Bizarro World

The Corner's Kathryn Jean Lopez apologizes profusely for accidentally stating that ordination of woman to be priests might become a possibility:
MEA CULPA [K. J. Lopez]
An e-mail:
I was distressed to hear you say on the Hugh Hewitt show that the priestly ordination of women was "theoretically possible." Although I was relieved to hear you are not a proponent of this, I must disagree with you that it is even a possibility. Like the abortion issue, the ordination of women is a closed issue. It has been dealt with twice, and most recently by John Paul II in Ordinatio Sacerdotalis. Prior to this, Paul VI made the same statement in Inter Insigniores. Please don't give those wishy-washy parish priests any more ammunition with which they might deceive their well-intentioned parishioners.
The reader's right. The example I meant to use was married priests, not women priests. There is a whole theology behind the male priesthood (see here). I in no way meant to suggest otherwise. Married priests is what I thought I said--what I meant to say.

I wanted to revise and extend my remarks before Catholic blogger caught wind of my mistake and banned me from speaking at Christendom College or somewhere (or a dissenting Catholic blogger embraced me)!
Er, thanks for clearing that up. I'm sure Christian woman everywhere who favor equality thank you. Not?

(Yes, a literal reading of the Bible probably does bloster her stance. Of course, a literal reading of the Bible could also justify the ownership of humans as property, stoning children for being rebellious, covering your hair if you're a woman, und so weiter.)

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