Sunday, April 24, 2005

A Blog for Everything and for Everything a Blog

Here's a blog by Emily Turrettini devoted entirely to ringtones. I just bought a new cell phone recently and thought I'd undermine any image of maturity I may have acquired by adding a ringtone to it. Until I heard it ring at work, cringing a little, I didn't think about how fitting it was to hear the song I'd chosen ring out through the bank's ecommerce division: Jamiroquai's "Virtual Insanity."

Anyway, Ringtonia actually covers some interesting topics: info about a ringvideo film festival, anti-drug ringtones, Sprint (my carrier) and Verizon turn down Motorola's iTunes phone, and the use of ringtones by bands like Coldplay to market their new albums. All this and lots of links to interesting stories about what we can expect to be broadcast to our cell phones in the future. Despite her blog's narrow focus, Turrettini often posts several times a day. I have to say, it's a very impressive blog.

I've been working on the Web for over half a decade now (light years in Internet time), so you'd think I'd have gotten over the fact by now that you can find a site devoted to anything and everything. I guess I'm not so surprised by the fact that these sites exist, but by the utter devotion people devote to such granular subjects. I that's what makes some blogs compelling when I'd not otherwise be particularly interested in the subjects they cover.

Turrettini also directs us to this blog which is entirely about the convergence of music and mobile communications technology.

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