Saturday, January 03, 2004

Excellent commentary by Josh Kun on the sadly ironic mis-use of Gene McDaniel's excellent Vietnam-era protest song, "Compared to What" by Mya on her album and in a Coke ad.

"Real, real, yeah, let's make it really real," Mya sings with Common in the Coke ad in a vague "it's the real thing" sorta vibe. Talk about reducing art to rubbish.

The original lyrics capture a bleaker, but far more powerful picture:
President he's got his war

Folks don't know just what it's for

Nobody gives us rhyme or reason

Have one doubt, they call it treason

We're chicken-feathers

All without one nut -- God damn it

Tryin' to make it real -- compared to what?
Now, those are some truly timeless, lyrics, huh?

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