Monday, January 19, 2004

Amish Gone Wild

The fascinating documentary The Devil's Playground depicts the period of rumspringa, during which Amish teens pretty much get to run wild--drinking, smoking, sleeping around, whatever. All that fun stuff is pretty much forgiven when they return to the Amish community.They have the option to stay out of the community, too, and when they return, they'll apparently be welcomed with open arms. If they return, however, and later decide abide within the Amish system anymore, then, I believe, they're kicked out for good. Many kids return from rumspringa to lead proper Amish lives. As the documentary depicts their community, these kids are so unprepared for the real world, it's no wonder they come running back to the fold.

Anyway, I should've guessed when I watched the documentary that some joker would come up with an idea for a reality TV show.

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