Saturday, March 29, 2008

iReport: The Changing Village

Thought I'd try my hand at a report for CNN's citizen journalism site iReport. I simply took a couple of my photos from Flickr and coupled them to a brief update on the gentrification of the East Village. The result: The Changing Village.

The experience? Well, I was hoping to be able to go into the report and update it later, but that doesn't appear to be an option. I can understand why, given that people have the ability to comment on the stories, and some users might change their stories to an extent that they render the comments out-dated. Nonetheless, TV and print journalists often do get to update or repackage their stories, and I'd hope to see that experience replicated here. I suppose you could always create a 2nd story incorporating much of the same content.

Nonetheless, my story's currently on the homepage, so that's pretty darn cool.

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