Saturday, April 07, 2007

Literary Twofer

Kramer & Rushdie

I was just standing in the Housing Works bookstore a few blocks away when I came across a paperback novel by Peter Kramer, the author of Listening to Prozac. I was flipping through Spectacular Happiness, wondering why I'd never heard of it, especially since it looks like it got some highly favorable reviews, when I came across the following inscription a few pages in:
For Salman Rushdie with admiration - Peter Kramer
I have no reason to believe the inscription is anything but authentic. The book was in perfect condition, clearly unread.

I paid $4.93 for it.

Should Mr. Kramer or Mr. Rushie ever peruse this post by way of an egosearch, my apologies for any discomfort it arouses. I'm sure Mr. Rushdie had every intention of reading said volume when he procured it.

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