Monday, July 18, 2005

Now You See It

Now You Don't

Recently, they imploded the old Charlotte Convention Center to make way for a brand spanking new 53-story residential high rise and shopping complex. Truth be told, the rather ugly, long-empty building won't be missed. The 200,000 square foot building came down in 5 seconds, 100,000 tons of rubble. I've been taking photos of it before and after the implosion. The earth moving equipment on display is fascinating for the kid in me to behold.

I remember reading an excellent New Yorker article ages ago by Paul Goldberger about the new cityscapes that emerge when buildings are destroyed. You're given the opportunity to see the surrounding buildings quite literally in an entirely new light. That's true here, though not for long. As an amateur student of architecture, I'll be interested to see what they build in it's place.

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