Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Prediction for the Peanut Gallery

So. I wonder how many guys like this are rushing to correct their assertions that Deep Throat was a fictitious character?

Of course, that guy's actually fairly reasonable in his assertions--though nonetheless incorrect. Others maintained Deep Throat was just a hoax crafted by Woodward and Bernstein to hype All the President's Men. Or by their editor.

But what about all the folks who said Deep Throat was a lie conjured up by a liberal attack dog media to bring down a great President? I suspect silence from many, but some of them will probably just weave a richer conspiracy theory in order to carry on believing what they would really like to, regardless.

A brief dip into FreeRepublic.com today reveals that those folks seem willing to accept that Felt is Deep Throat, but they're also happy to deflect wrong-doing from Nixon to Felt:
IowaHawk: [T]he media will try and celebrate this man...and what he did...and we shouldn't allow that to happen.

There was a serious crime committed here....the FBI or people in the FBI brought down a sitting President.

No one should skate and get a free pass on this one. . . .

Dog: Yes, Felt illegally leaked confidential FBI files, authorized illegal FBI raids, and has now been tied to Ellsberg's leaking of the Pentagon Papers, peripherally.

...If the FBI was behind Ellsberg's leaking of the Pentagon Papers, then we have ourselves a criminal enterprise posing as lawmen.
Breaking into Watergate to capture a Presidential election, though, presumedly was not a criminal enterprise.

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