Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Elite Libs for Bolton

Larry David may have a second career ahead of him as a political satirist. His post on Arianna Huffington's new MegaBlog is easily the most entertaining thing I've read there.

David explains why he supports John Bolton's nomination as ambassador to the U.N.:
I know this may not sound politically correct, but as someone who has abused and tormented employees and underlings for years, I am dismayed by all of this yammering directed at John Bolton. Let's face it, the people who are screaming the loudest at Bolton have never been a boss and have no idea what it’s like to deal with nitwits as dumb as themselves all day long.
Personally, I think sending Bolton to the United Nations is like nominating Jerry Falwell to the board of GLAAD. An affront to the very institution. It's not like there aren't hundreds of of conservatives better qualified to reprsent the U.S. at the U.N. I'm not suggesting Bush should've nominated a liberal. It's the particular and peculiar selection of Bolton that speaks to the arrogance of this administration.

The Huffington Post comes off a bit like Boing Boing gone mostly political. Lots of posts in a single day, most of them by celebrities who don't seem to have a whole lot to say. And as others have noticed, the vast majority of the contributors--and the appears to be dozens of them--appear to be men. Hopefully, Ms. Huffington will do something to remedy that soon.

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