Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A List of Demands

OK, these aren't so much demands - that's an allusion to an excellent Saul Williams song - but here's a list of 10 reforms and changes I'd like to see take place now that we have a left-of-center President and a majority Democrat Senate.  Some of these reforms may confirm the suspicions of the moment's more dismayed conservatives. They needn't worry: I'm probably further to the left of President Elect Obama anyway ... 

  1. Work with the Iraqis to plan an appropriate time to leave the country, and funnel more aid towards Afghanistan.
  2. Institute universal health care.
  3. Remove all travel restrictions for Americans and Cuban-Americans to Cuba.
  4. Reinstate trade with Cuba.
  5. Close Guantanamo Bay immediately. 
  6. Start a movement to have anti-gay marriage laws struck down as un-Constitutional. Pass legislation which legalizes gay marriage in every state in the Union. 
  7. Legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational use and determine what, if any, fronts in the "War on Drugs" are actually successful, dismantle the rest.
  8. Install a highly-qualified female Muslim to a position in high office. 
  9. Provide amnesty for illegal aliens who meet certain conditions.
  10. Reform our prisons, which are cesspools of violence and turn criminals into monsters.
If you believe in any of these causes, why not track down a related non-profit you can support or at least join a Facebook group, so you can keep track of the issues. 

And feel free to add your own "demands" in the comments, too.

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