Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Aura

I saw the Argentinian director Fabián Bielinsky's second and sadly last film The Aura this weekend, and I'd have to place it in my list of top ten movies of the year. Bielinsky died not long after he completed. His other movie, Nine Queens, received great reviews, too. The Aura concerns a mild, rather introverted taxidermist (played expertly by Ricardo Darín, who looks rather like Joe Mantegna), who fantasizes about perpetrating the perfect crime. He also happens to be epileptic, which the film uses to great effect. Though part of the film follows some tried heist movie paths, it also contains many moments of eerie and unsettling beauty. Additionally, it unfurls at a lazy, unhurried speed, completely unlike that of any other heist flick you're likely to see. It's film noir at its best, and it seems that at least Bielisnky's early death at 47 left him with a perfect record. I'd link to the trailer, but I think it gives too much away. Just go see it.

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