Thursday, June 29, 2006

Things I Have Seen

stribs in dah hood

So in my first week here in New York, here's just a few things I've seen around and about my new digs in the East Village:
>Little old lady (80+) with a bleached blonde faux-hawk
>Guy on subway with huge swastika tattoo and two SS lightning bolts on his bicep – wearing sleeveless shirt to show them off
>Kid on bike with long handlebars and two huge rear-view mirrors in the shape of iron crosses (sense a theme here?)
>Guy with his shirt open, tweaking his nipples on the subway
>Three rats on the subway (2 different ocassions - the second time, 2 chasing each other)
>Mouse in the movie theater munching (audibly on popcorn) in the row in front of me before the movie started
>Homeless people sleeping in the street on my short walk home from said theater: 5
>Oh yeah, the NYC, um, charter of Hell's Angels is half-way down my short block
On a more educational note, I saw the Zaha Hadid exhibit at the Guggenheim last Saturday. This wonderfully detailed exhibit includes her sketches and paintings, as well as scale models, artists renderings and video interviews with and about her.

Also, I just found a little Aussie Tuck Shop around the corner from my house. They sell freshly made meat pies, sausage rolls, lamingtons, and vanilla slices, as well as Vegemite, Cheezels, and Aussie bikkies.

Tangentially, there are stacks of Aussies here. A couple of others at work, and I keep running into them working around here, standing in line, etc. Feels like I'm at home!

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