Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lagging Behind in the Gay Rights Race

Ever superlative on gay marriage, Andrew Sullivan notes the following:
In Britain, where "Virtually Normal" was published a decade ago, I faced derision from some in the gay community at the time for arguing that marriage was the central front in the battle for gay equality. It never occurred to me to believe that within ten years, we would have won. If I had stayed there, I'd be a fully equal citizen by now. Which prompts an interesting question: how many American immigrants in the past have actually had to give up liberty in order to come to this country? Welcome to the future.
Similarly, South Africa legalized gay marriage within the past week. South Africa. Where apartheid was the norm just over a decade ago.

We're seeing progress in the United States, of course, even as some states insist on besmirching their respective constitutions, but it is ironic that gay people may want to consider leaving the United States to enjoy what are essentially human rights in braver, freer nations.

Tangentially, if you're perturbed by Ford's decision to pull their advertising from GLBT media, consider forwarding this very level-headed email the Human Rights Campaign has created, simply asking the Ford Company to clarify their new position and to disavow the American Family Association's claim that they influenced the motor company.

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