Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bad Science

A Google search on "bad science" reveals some interesting stuff:

This site explains simple points of bad science in the fields of meterology, astronomy and chemistry. For example, it explains here that raindrops never appear in the fashion they are so often depicted--as a teardrop.

Meanwhile, over at Bad Science Projects, we learn about the "non-lethal" laser rifle and studies at The University of Machester of the teaming life which can be found ... in our pillows.

And this bloke, The Guardian's Ben Goldacre, has an entire blog devoted to bashing bad science.

Of course, some folks consider global warming "bad science." In fact, click over to Google News and the first result on the subject is "Thin green line is bad science" by Debra Saunders over at (purveyor of such fine goods as Michelle Malkin and Anne Coulter). Saunders throws global warming in with "fad science" like Y2K, as does Michael Crichton, whom she sympathizes with. 2000 scientists from over 100 countries she criticizes for groupthink, but she readily embraces a junk novelist.

Of course, she also sides with Republican Senator James Inhofe. I'm not aware that he has any scientific credentials.

So, the thesis of her piece, as stated in its very title is that global warming is bad science. However, Saunders offers not one flake of evidence to support that thesis. Just the opinions of a couple of people who happen to agree with her.

Now that's what I call "bad science."

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