Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Magical Musical Meme

Via the illustrious Saheli, a music meme:

Number of records/tapes/cds I own: Well, heh. I'd hafta estimate about 600+ CDs. 20 or so records. And a gaggle of tapes. Think that's a lot? My brother will blow these figures away. (He used to work at a record shop.)

First record/tape/cd I bought: OK, I wanna say The Cars' Heartbeat City 'cos that disk still sounds so cool today. But I'm afraid it may have been, er, heh, ahem, Air Supply. Hey, I was, like 13. And they're from Australia! So, anyway, I'm going with The Cars.

Last record/tape/cd I bought: I'm not sure, but I think it was Citizen Cope's The Clarence Greenwood Recordings, which is really fantastic. I also got a stack of CDs from Skyscraper Magazine recently to review, and from those I'd recommend the new Go-Betweens and the Nick Cave B sides and rarities ('cos I always gotta give props to the Caveman).

Recordings or songs that mean a lot to me (and/or changed my life): As I've detailed here before, handsdown, Peter Gabriel singing "Solsbury Hill," which is autobiographical for him and felt so for me, too.

If I had to choose a soundtrack of my life, what 5-10 songs would be on it: This one's kinda tough, yeah. Gotta narrow it down to 5-10 songs. I'll try to choose 'em both because I like them and the represent stuff from my biography. Kinda like if Cameron Crowe really ran outta ideas and decided to make a movie about my life:Chris? Over to you.

Update: Chris weighs in. BTW this meme originated with Dru Blood, who has a great little blog going over there.

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