Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Conservatives Grieve Over O'Reilly's Sins

His sins of defending the mainstream media, that is.

It's funny but sad that when conservatives like this writer over at the National Review Online find something wrong with Bill O'Reilly, it's just his "self-aggrandizement" and the fact that he's defending Dan Rather. Think, Catherine. Think hard, and I bet you can come up with some other reasons to criticize him.

But, no, the very title of Cathy Seipp's piece is "We Want O’Reilly Back!" You see, she's "Missing the old maverick." In her very same piece, Seipp alludes to Clinton's infidelities and O'Reilly's obsession with them. In fact, she details his indignation over the media's ignoring Clinton's rape accuser, Juanita Broaddrick. Even so, she deftly manages to omit any explicit mention of the recent airing of O'Reilly's own dirty laundry.

One "Bill" the conservatives got impeached; the other they want back. Guess it's all about redemption or something, huh? But why is that redemption only available to conservatives?

(Hint: it's not really about redemption when you completely and conveniently overlook gaping flaws and hypocrisy in your idols, is it?)

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